"Do you love God with your mind?” The realization of what was wrong with my faith journey startled me. It explained why I’d lost interest in both church and Bible reading. And it ultimately drove me to my present ministry here at Montage. But what

about you? Do you love God with heart, soul, mind, and strength (Mark 12:30)?

I grew up in a Christian family, believed in Christ as the risen Savior at an early age, was active in various churches, enjoyed a full career as an avionics engineer, and am currently blessed by a wonderful wife and two married kids. But more recently, I’ve had the opportunity to complete a master’s degree at Western Seminary, publish a book on Gospel origins (A Trustworthy Gospel: Arguments for an Early Date for Matthew's Gospel), and am presently pursuing a post-graduate degree at Liberty University.

Guys, I am here to help you grow in your faith and to help you intellectually engage with the scriptures. Let’s enjoy some breakfast, do service projects, ride bikes, talk about life, struggle with theology, and study the scriptures - together.